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What does the MSW program cost?

For the 2013-14 academic year, the cost is $647 per credit hour.

How many credits are required to complete the MSW program?

For the regular program (offered part-time or full-time) – 60 credits For the Advanced Standing program (offered part-time or full-time) – 38 credits

How many field placements are required?

Two field placements are required for the regular program. Only one is expected in the Advanced Standing program. During the Foundation Practice Sequence, 400 hours (14-15 hr/week) is required. 500 hours (17-19 hr/week) are required during the Advanced Practice Sequence. Internships take place from September thru April. Part-time students will complete their internship requirements in the second and fourth years.

Are internships paid?

Internships, in most cases, are unpaid. If you have questions regarding paid internships, please contact the Director of Field Education: Laura Ribbing.

Can I do my internship where I currently work?

It is preferable and encouraged that your internship be at an agency setting that is not your regular place of employment. However, it is possible if you are placed in a different role and not your paid position. You must have a field supervisor who has received their MSW and worked in the field for at least two years. A request must be submitted in writing and approved by the Director of Field Education.

What concentrations are available?

Students can specialize their degree with a concentration in Mental Health or Child and Family Services.

Is financial aid available?

Financial Aid is available in the form of unsubsidized Stafford Loans. All applicants must fill out a FAFSA form. In most cases, applicants will qualify for up to $20,500 per year (if full-time). This will cover tuition, books and fees. If you are a matriculated, part-time student, aid will be pro-rated accordingly.

What qualifications do I need to apply to the Advanced Standing program?

  • BSW degree from an accredited program within the last 10 years
  • Professional experience in the field of Social Work for the past 10 years
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

Is campus housing available?

There is limited on-campus housing for graduate students. If you are having trouble finding housing, please contact Jim Sheets, Director of Graduate Admissions, and he will be able to further assist you.

Can I get health insurance through the MSW program?

Roberts Wesleyan College is pleased to provide its students with health care options through American College Student Association. Follow the link below to learn more about the program.

585.594.6011 or