How Does Your Gift Make A Difference?

Hear from some of our students about how your gift truly does make a difference in their lives!

“I knew college was going to be expensive, but it wasn’t until I started my college search that I realized just how overwhelmingly pricey it was—to the point that it was going to be impossible for me and my dad to afford a college education. I live in a single-parent home and my dad’s illness prevents him from working. I was devastated and discouraged."

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Christie Adams '16

Matt Thomas '15

"Even when I was ten years old, I wanted to be a student at Roberts Wesleyan College. My family has attended for generations, and all I dreamed for was to be a part of my family’s rich legacy. Despite the rising costs of higher education, the generous support of those who invested in my Roberts experience has allowed me to return year after year."

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