Eboni Henderson

Enrollment Coordinator

As the Enrollment Coordinator for the Organizational Management (OM) and Criminal Justice Administration (CJA) programs, my primary role is to assist applicants with the admission process; however, my position is not purely administrative. I am here to help adults feel comfortable and confident about their decision to complete their bachelor’s degree.

As a graduate of the OM program, I know firsthand how intimidating and overwhelming returning to college may seem. Let me assure you—this is only an illusion. Returning to college does not have to be a daunting undertaking. I started the OM program as a wife and mother of two toddlers. What’s more, I worked a full-time job while also growing my home-based consulting business. Initially I was filled with apprehension, but I persevered and successfully completed the OM program in 15 months!

You have already taken the first step by researching the OM or CJA program. Allow me to guide you through the next steps as you come closer to completing your degree!