Pathway to Teaching - Related Info

Students completing the Pathway to Teaching program will apply for NYS Teacher Certification in the weeks prior to graduation. The Department of Teacher Education recommends students to NYS for certification upon successful completion of the program. The application is processed by the NYS Office of Teaching Initiatives.

Eligibility for NYS Certification

To be eligible for NYS certification through Roberts Wesleyan College, the student must:

  1. Graduate from one of our state-approved programs.
  2. Complete and pass the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) during student teaching (effective May 2014).
  3. Take and pass all required New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE). It is anticipated that Cohort 7 students will student teach in the fall of 2014. This means they will be required to pass all of the new NYS exams that are being implemented in May 2014.
  4. Attend the Child Abuse and SAVE workshops (offered on-campus once per semester free of charge) and Autism Training.
  5. Have official fingerprints recorded and approved for clearance.

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