Organizational Management and Leadership in One Program

In the Organizational Management (OM) program, you will learn to manage key business processes through skill-building courses. Including:

  • Systems Approach to Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Business Problem Capstone Project with Stats  

These skills are critical to handle the daily operations of running and managing a business, and are balanced with the development of organizational leadership concepts through classes like:

  • Adult Development and Life Long Learning
  • Group & Organizational Dynamics
  • Leading Within Organizations

Of course, you cannot truly manage or lead without understanding human nature, what motivates people, how to develop your people, and get the best result from any team effort. The OM program also includes courses in Personal Values & Organizational Ethics and Humanities to fully prepare leaders with the psychology and social side of managing and leading people and organizations.

Designed for Student Success

Roberts faculty will challenge your thinking and promote the practical application of concepts to your place of employment and to your life.

One of the first adult accelerated programs in Western NY

The Organizational Management (OM) program was initially introduced in 1986 as one of the first adult-oriented programs available in the United States. Since then, thousands of working professionals have found success in the accelerated format of this applied business degree.

Roberts Wesleyan College's Organizational Management program participates as a member and supporter of the Rochester Business Alliance

Alumni Outcomes: A proven history of success

Hear Todd Baxter share his experience in the Organizational Management program and click here to learn more about how students like you transformed their careers with a degree in Organizational Management.

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