Course Description

Women's Studies

WST 202
Human Sexuality [Lecture] (2.0-3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course is designed to help the student understand normal and abnormal human sexual behavior and attitudes. Sexuality will be considered from many angles, including the biological, psychological, behavioral and spiritual perspectives. Also listed as SOC 202 and PSY 202.

WST 205
Gender & Society [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course is designed to introduce students to the fields of women's and gender studies. Students examine women's roles in the context of social systems, health, media, history, literature, education, work, and religion. Taught from an interdisciplinary perspective, the course helps students develop an awareness of women's experience and place in history and modern society. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors only. (Offered alternate years)

WST 300
Special Topics in Women's Studies [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course will examine an important area of women's studies in an effort to help students develop and maintain awareness of women's experiences and their place in history and modern society. Topics will vary from semester to semester. (Offered alternate years)

WST 301
Psychology of Gender [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course is designed to provide a broad overview of the field of psychology of gender, weaving together relevant theory and research from the areas of developmental, social, physiological, and clinical psychology. The course will examine theory and empirical research relating to gender, as well as implications for social behavior, relationships, mental and physical health. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to integrate theological perspectives into their understanding of these issues. Also listed as PSY 301. Prerequisites: PSY 101 or WST 205.

WST 303
Communication & Gender [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course examines the relationship between gender and communication in light of historic movements and current research. Students explore aspects of communication, gender, and culture within a variety of contexts: e.g., education, family, governance, leadership, media, personal relationships, and workplace dynamics. Also listed as CMC 303. Prerequisites: CMP 101 and CMC 101. Open only to juniors and seniors or with permission of the instructor. (Offered alternate years)

WST 313
Women in Church History [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
Through examination of primary as well as secondary materials, this course surveys the involvement of women in the church from the New Testament era until the present. Also listed as HST 313. (Offered alternate years)

WST 350
Theology & Gender [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course is designed to help the student understand the influence that gender has on biblical interpretation and theological perspectives. Included among the topics of discussion is a consideration of the biblical material related to the nature of the human being as well as the ethical and social implications of a theology of human equality. In addition, the course seeks to expose the student to major models of feminist theological interpretation. It is hoped that this exposure, along with class discussion and reflection, will assist the student in coming to her or his own assessment of the relative value of each of these models for articulating a faithful and constructive theology for contemporary culture. Also listed as THE 350. Prerequisites: BIB 101, 102, and PHL 202. (Offered alternate years)

WST 360
Women's Health Issues [Lecture] (1.0-3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course is designed to examine women's health and the politics surrounding some of the issues in women's health. A wholistic approach will be reflected in the course content, permitting the student to learn about issues related to the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychosocial, and cultural aspects of women's health. Health policy and research will also be explored as they relate to gender and the politics of health. Also listed as NSG 360. (Meets the requirement for Nursing elective.)

WST 495
Independent Study in Women's Studies [Independent Study] (1.0-3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
Independent study provides opportunity to pursue advanced or special-interest topics not covered in the curriculum. Prerequisites: 1. Junior standing. 2. A minimum of 9 semester hours in the discipline of the Independent Study. 3. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 in the discipline. 4. Proof of motivation and ability to work independently. 5. Approval of the department in which the study is to be taken. 6. Permission from the student's advisor, the course instructor, the Department Chair, the Academic Dean, and the Registrar.


The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the semester hours of credit assigned to the course.
An H following the course number indicates an honors level course.