Course Description

Business Administration

BUA 101
Introduction to Business [Lecture] (3.0)

In addition to providing an introduction to the functional areas of management, marketing, and finance, this course examines the history of business in the United States and addresses the concepts of vocation and stewardship.

BUA 200
Business on Location [Trip] (1.0-3.0)

The course exposes students to international business and economic development, providing them an opportunity to experience first-hand another culture and business operations in that country context. Students will meet during the term to prepare for the cross-cultural context and then travel for 1-3 weeks to another country. Students will have opportunity to speak with businesspersons and visit businesses – small scale local businesses, NGO programs, and international firms.

BUA 210
Business Law I [Lecture] (3.0)

This introduction to principles and development of law and legal procedures emphasizes contract law, secured transactions, bankruptcy, and agency law. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or instructor's permission.

BUA 211
Business Law II [Lecture] (3.0)

This continuation of Business Law I emphasizes the Uniform Commercial Code, sales, commercial paper, business organizations, securities laws and property. Prerequisite: BUA 210 or permission of the instructor. (Offered alternate years)

BUA 260
Organizational Behavior [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course examines group behavior and how group functioning affects organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on decision-making and resolving conflicts in groups. This course is cross listed as SOC 260 and PSY 260.

BUA 321
Corporate Finance [Lecture] (3.0)

This course introduces the concept of capital markets and the investment decision by the corporation with an emphasis on capital budgeting. Other topics include efficient market theory, an introduction to the financing decision by corporations, dividend policy, debt policy, and agency theory. Prerequisites: ACC 202, ECN 201, MTH 121 or MTH 185, MTH 200, and admission to major.

BUA 325
Business Internship Preparation [Lecture] (1.0)

This course helps to prepare the student for the internship with an emphasis on résumé writing, interviewing, and networking. Prerequisites: junior standing and admission to the Business major.

BUA 341
Leadership Challenge [Lecture] (3.0)
(Liberal Arts)
This course explores the many facets of leadership, as distinct from management. Leasderhip is about people and purpose, about being and doing. The course emphasizes foundational principles from a christian worldview, including character development and servant-leader model. Ultimately, the leader's goals is to effect an organizational transformation and to bring about a desired change.

BUA 380
International Business [Lecture] (3.0)

This course explores the types of business procedures necessary for international operation. It introduces students to the relevant aspects of international business including the process of globalization, economics, policies of international trade and investment, the impact of cultural differences, and strategies for competition. Prerequisites: BUA 101, junior standing, and admission to major. Non-Business majors by permission of the instructor.

BUA 390
Global Business Strategy [Lecture] (3.0)

This course is intended to integrate the field experiences and presentations by guest faculty and practitioners in the area of international business management with the reading and academic work including the recent developments and literature in this field. Students will be expected to prepare analytical reports on the various firms and institutions visited on the field seminar. Major topics covered in this course include: the role of the multinational firm in the global economy; international and global business strategy; cultural adaptation and organizational behavior in the global firm. The discussion of ethical values and issues in global management will also be included in this course as well as in the other courses. Prerequisites: BUA 321, MKT 201, MGT 201, admission to major, and admission to IBI study abroad program.

BUA 421
Investments [Lecture] (3.0)

This course explores the diverse subject of investments while maintaining a balance between investment theory and practical applications. Topics covered include: the investment environment, investment theory, and the characteristics and common valuation techniques for debt and equity securities, as well as other types of investment vehicles. Prerequisites: BUA 321 and admission to major. Non-Business majors by permission of the instructor. (Offered alternate years)

BUA 450
Business Internship Experience [Practicum] (2.0)

The internship projects integrate the theory of the course offerings into operation and practice. Such intern experiences add insight and focus to the students' career planning and open thinking to a range of placement possibilities. Students are assigned to an organization in the community in the area of interest. Prerequisites: BUA 325 and admission to the Business major.

BUA 495
Independent Study in Business [Independent Study] (1.0-3.0)

Independent study provides opportunity to pursue advanced or special-interest topics not covered in the curriculum. Prerequisites: 1. Junior standing. 2. A minimum of 9 semester hours in the discipline of the Independent Study. 3. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 in the discipline. 4. Proof of motivation and ability to work independently. 5. Approval of the department in which the study is to be taken. 6. Permission from the student's advisor, the course instructor, the Department Chair, the Academic Dean, and the Registrar.


The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the semester hours of credit assigned to the course.
An H following the course number indicates an honors level course.