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Major and Minor Requirements


A major is an area of study in which the student specializes by taking 30 or more semester hours. Majors are of two kinds: those based in an academic department, such as English or Psychology, and those organized on an interdepartmental basis, such as Communication. Candidates for degrees must complete the requirements for a major as established by the academic division in which the major is offered. 

In some degree programs, a student may use the same course to meet both a General Education requirement and a major requirement.  When this is permitted, the General Education requirement is noted as "not applicable" on the official check sheet.

A candidate for a degree must, no later than the beginning of the junior year, file an application for a major with the Division Chair and the Registrar. For admission requirements to specific programs, refer to the major.

Double Majors

There is no restriction on the number of majors a student earns as long as the majors are housed in separate divisions and the student completes all stated requirements for each major without using the same courses for both majors.  Double majors within a division will not be allowed if the majors are simply different or additional tracks of the same basic major or if one major is wholly subsumed within the other.  Double majors within a division will be allowed if the division, in consultation with the Provost and Registrar, determines that there are substantive differences between the majors.  For further clarification regarding double majors within a division, please see the appropriate divisional section of this catalog or contact the Registrar.


Students wishing to graduate with a minor must complete at least 18 semester hours in a selected discipline. Specific minor requirements are listed within the divisional sections of this catalog.  In order to earn a minor in the same discipline as their major, students must take at least nine hours unique to the minor.  In order for a transfer student to earn a minor offered by RWC, the student must earn at least nine hours at RWC.