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Readmission to the College

Students who have left the College for any reason must file an application for readmission if they want to return to the College.  These forms are available in the Office of Admissions as well as online.  Readmission is not automatic, but is based on the student's entire academic record, previous college involvements and achievements, and other life circumstances since leaving the College.

Upon receipt of the readmission application, the Office of Admissions will contact several campus offices to confirm that the student is eligible to return in good standing.  Registration confirms the student's academic eligibility, Student Financial Services confirms financial eligibility, and Student Development confirms issues regarding citizenship, behavior, or medical progress.

In cases where the student left involuntarily by action of the College, a review will determine whether appropriate activities, treatments, and/or personal growth has occurred to warrant another opportunity for the student to attend the College.  There are some cases in which the Office of Student Services may choose to meet with the student or consult with appropriate professionals (doctor, counselor, etc.) before making a final decision.  In cases of denial, the student may appeal to the Provost.

Students who interrupt their program for two or more semesters (summer excluded) must meet the requirements of the current catalog at the time of return.  Returning students who have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours at the College and have been away for two semesters (or one semester and a summer) may exercise the option to have all course work with grades of D and F purged from their transcript.  Students who have been away for more than six years and have fewer than 92 accumulated credit hours must exercise this grade purge option.  Purging of Traditional Undergraduate Transcript Forms are available in the Registration Office.  Courses in which a grade of A, B, or C was earned will be shown as transfer credits on the revised transcript.