Yelp Fights Back

Ratings and reviews website, Yelp, is has recently been in the national news for their decision to sue a law group for allegedly planting its own Yelp page with fake reviews from non-existent clients. The lawsuit claims the law firm’s employees pretended to be clients and review their own employer on Yelp with outstanding testimonials and a 5-star rating, of course.

Yelp is taking an aggressive stance against businesses and business owners who are attempting to mislead consumers through fake reviews. Yelp’s success depends on customers trustworthy reviews and Yelp’s customers depend on trustworthy reviews from the website.

Yelp is receiving mixed reviews for their position on the issue. Is this problem unavoidable in terms of review sites? Are they wasting their time? Are they trying to set an example?

Holly Vianco

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