Who’s awesome? Your [sic] awesome.

Talking about grammar can bring chills or excitement, depending on the audience.  Where do these rules apply in the realm of social media?  I have two opinions and will take the fence-sitter role, overall.  Good grammar is important and should always be our aspiration, but social media has created leniency regarding the classic rules.

Did you spot the grammatical error?

Since perfect grammar is a goal, not always a reality, we must ensure that the quest for perfection does not bind our hands and prevent us from delivering a message. A grammatical error is not as significant in social media because the platform enables us to correct the error immediately. Mistakes also provide an opportunity for people to compose an email comment that would make their fifth grade English teacher proud, when they correct you publically.

As marketers and perfectionists, we want to appeal to our entire audience and position ourselves as experts within our fields. Striving to use correct grammar strengthens personal brands and public perceptions of intelligence. Simply put, there is no good reason to turn people off of your message, just because you did not take the time to proofread.

YourDictionary.com covers five common grammatical mistakes and the corrections. Check out this list, and hopefully, get a few pointers. My advice is to strive for the best, quickly correct mistakes and make sure to deliver the message.

-Kelly (geekier than ever, in a good way)

Photo source: http://vaban.tumblr.com/

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