When the family ISN’T helping.


President Bahar al Assad is concerned with assuring the world he takes civilian deaths very seriously, his family isn’t helping. Assad’s 11-year old son, Hafez, posted a Facebook status daring Americans to attack Syria while his wife, is counting calories. This is of course in lieu of the recent chemical attacks in Syria in which the United states is in current debate and PR campaigns are buzzing with reasons for and against involvement. It is clear that when the family rose to power back in 2000 that the family unit was as one, Asma, the presidents wife has now, by her husband’s leadership and contributing to a campaign that ultimately has made the family look worse. Son, Hafez, isn’t helping matters. Now the family is in hiding in Damascus but is said that information has leaked that the family is doing online shopping for furniture and Louboutin heels. The ugly side of this is trying to find the truth in the veil that is created by some PR whitewashing. It will be interesting how this plays out in the media.


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One Response to When the family ISN’T helping.

  1. student says:

    Interesting topic. I’m sure our media will take their cues from the current administration and pillory Assad, though they may have the decency to more or less leave the 11 year old out of it.

    It would be interesting to see how the foreign media responds to this PR. Recognize also, though I am no Assad fan, that some of the PR out there could be false flag operations meant to work against Assad.