Want to ‘Hang Out’ with Michael Dell?

There’s a lot of hoopla around Google + — over the long weekend, I connected with a lot of people and the comments are mixed.

“Google doesn’t get social and never will, they should give up.”

Facebook has shut down the “export contacts”  feature in order to deter people from exporting their contacts to Google+. I wrote that I thought this was awful. Facebook has shown us time and again that they don’t care what we think, need or want.

On the other side, Google just set up Google Transfer that allows users to remove their data from Google applications. Two different attitudes about user needs.

If you think that Facebook is ‘too big to fail’, I’d like to remind you of a little company called AOL who also tried to keep everything, in the corral. Hmmm. It’s going to be interesting?

If you’re looking for a good explanation and analysis of Google + – check out Chris Brogan. He’s doing a good job. Right now, Google has shut down any new invitations but it’s only a matter of time before it’s wide open.

Oh yeah, Michael Dell… (the owner of Dell computers) he held a ‘hangout’ with selected people and made it public so people could ‘listen in.’ I missed it but I’m looking forward to hearing more from all kinds of people. Including you… :)   Posted by Deborah Mourey

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