Twerk-it or Sit Down.

Twerk Sit down



The bears  and foam finger from Miley Cyrus’ performance are still haunting my dreams.
On Sunday, August 25, marked the train wreck MTV Video Music Awards.  It is known for radical behavior, outrageous performances, and barely dressed women.  It is ground zero for train wrecks and pop culture and Sunday night did not disappoint.
From Lady Gaga’s white dress that resembled the Flying Nun to when she changes to looking like a mermaid to Miley Cyrus twerking Robin Thicke. The audience was left shocked and the media explode.  Although the VMAs are legendary  for unforgettable behavior such Madonna rolling on the stage in a wedding dress to making out with Brittany Spears. Sunday night’s show seemed to hit a new low.
Disney child star, Miley Cyrus came on stage, tongue wagging and jumping up and down with giant-sized bears.  She,in a PR stunt, is making it clear she is no longer Hannah Montana.   She is also making it clear she is a sexualized, objectified creature.  The example she is setting is clear:  It is okay to go from innocent girl to oversexed young adult. Some will say she is not a role model, nor does she wish to be.  However, she is a role model just by being on the stage.
Some will say she is accomplishing her goal because we are all talking about her.  True, however she must figure out what kind of performer she wishes to be: A stripper come singer, or actual artist.
So here is my question:  Are we going too far as a culture? Is the only way to get attention to wear little to nothing?  What comes after? Ironically, Taylor Swift was criticized for looking like a lady. But, watch your mouth Taylor!

-Josh Misla

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3 Responses to Twerk-it or Sit Down.

  1. Rachel says:

    Nobody would picture Princess Kate doing this, would they? And she’s the epitome of both fashion AND class.

  2. student says:

    I don’t get the big teeth & gum displays, and the tongue sticking out. She looks like a chimpanzee (in heat).

  3. Beth says:

    Miley seems destined to have her cheese slip off her cracker, much the same way we watched both Britney and Lindsay melt down. As PR professionals, who must stay on top of pop culture and the news, at what point can we say we’ve had enough and we’re not watching the train wreck anymore?