Think First!

How many times have you started putting together a presentation with opening the powerpoint application?

I have done it more times than I would like to admit. Intuitively I know that the majority of my presentations have not been very captivating or really that powerful. They may have communicated the facts that I needed to, but the idea may have been missed by my audiences.

Here’s my new way of thinking: A presentation is about an idea. We need to THINK FIRST and map out our thoughts connected to the idea. Only then can we make a decision about how to communicate that idea. That may include a powerpoint, but it might be a handout or a demonstration.

This is your starting point. Grab a pen and notepad and decide what the point of your presentation is…then you can open up powerpoint.

Michelle Cronk

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One Response to Think First!

  1. student says:

    Michelle – I completely agree! A presentation block is very intimidating. It’s like, title slide, agenda, headings, bullet points – where is the best place to start?! Anyone can put together a basic presentation but finding interesting and captivating content that will be engaging to your audience may take some thought. Your idea of finding the point of a given presentation is spot on. First find the message and the rest will come.

    Holly Vianco