The Steve Jobs Effect

By now I’m sure you have all heard the news that Steve Jobs has resigned his position as Chief Executive Officer of Apple. Stating he could not meet up to the demands of the job any longer. Jobs has been an integral part since becoming the CEO 15 years ago. He created some of Apple’s most ground breaking products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Jobs has become a huge part of the Apple brand. He has been battling Pancreatic cancer and has taken two medical leaves of absence since 2009 and each time the stock fell. Tim Cook, the Chief Operating Officer filled in for Jobs during both of his absences. Cook has been appointed the new CEO, which gives the public a small bit of confidence that Apple will live on however, this morning Apple stock was down 7%.

The burning question in everyone’s mind is, what does the future hold for Apple? This could be the end of an era of greatness, or the success could continue. Only time will tell. The real question is, should a CEO become synonymous with a brand the way Steve Jobs has? In my opinion this strengthens the company when the CEO is in his/her prime but can be sudden death when the CEO decides to step down.


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