The Social Revolution

21st century has introduced dramatic changes into marketing and sales tactics. Today customers spend more time on mobile applications than on web browsers. Studies indicate that 22% of time spent on the internet is social, 24% people prefer social networks to email, and increasing number of users are active on Facebook through mobile versus desktop. The social revolution has created a social divide where most of your customers and employees are already social. What about your company?

Humans are changing, so are they ways to reach them. We are moving from the world of outbound marketing to inbound marketing. Push strategies are slowly but firmly being replaced by user initiated pull strategies. Today, the sales representatives have much less leveraging power in the process than 10 years ago. Customers can find the product reviews online, they can skip the TV ad with just a press of a button on Tivo remote, they have caller ID to screen incoming calls, etc.
The old marketing playbook is broken.

But is it really over for traditional media? Not in my opinion. Although social media usage is growing exponentially, it cannot live without the traditional media. Traditional advertising and promotion strategies, integrated with Social media marketing, will enhance the overall effect on target audiences. Alone it will be so much weaker.

There is no universal one-tactic-works-for-all. The key is how to get the right message to the right person. Who are the people targeted? What do they like? What are they saying? Where are they hanging out?

 - Kristel

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