The Key to Success

Would you believe me if I told you the key to success was not from hard work but from happiness? What if I told you there is scientific evidence to prove it?

Business professionals believe that once they are successful they will be happy. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. Happy people are the most successful! If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to read the book The Happiness Advantage written by Shawn Achor.

So as marketers what can we take away from this? I challenge my fellow marketers to take the time to evaluate their clients not just on their product offerings and target demographics, but on their business environment and employee moral.

If happiness brings success then why wouldn’t we want to make a work environment that makes people happy? Happy employees = Successful employees = Successful business.



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2 Responses to The Key to Success

  1. student says:

    Happy employees = successful business… I couldn’t agree more! It amazes me how people can simply not acknowledge that their company wouldn’t exist without its people! (There’s a similar saying that I like too: “A happy wife is a happy life” That one may have some truth to it too!)

    -Michelle C.

  2. student says:

    I completely agree! It is the simplest term, yet so widely unrecognized in a corporate world. -Melissa