The APPLE of your eye?

With iOS 7 being released this week, Apple product users may not be anticipating the change with open arms. According to CNN Money, Apple’s innovation problem is real. Consumer confidence is dropping with uncertainty that Apple may not have “something up it’s sleeve.”  Because of this perception, Apple shares have dropped 30% this past year.

Managing the consumer’s perception was something that former CEO Steve Jobs was incredibly gifted at and as a result drew many loyal customers to the Apple brand. Without Jobs, can Apple truly keep its place as the technology leader that transforms our lives with products we can’t live without? Can it still be the APPLE of your eye?

-Michelle C.

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2 Responses to The APPLE of your eye?

  1. student says:

    So sad but true. Samsung is secretly stealing once brand loyal fans over to the Galaxy. With pop up shops in almost every bestbuy location Samsung is hitting hard on the mobile tech front. -Josh

  2. Jessica S. says:

    Is there a buzz going around that iOS7 won’t have the features people thought it would? I find that Apple stays very quiet about specifics in the next up and coming thing, just in case they can’t deliver what they hoped they could.