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Rocketing into the Future

Marketing communication is like a chess game, played (by the winners, at least) with a combination of insight, experience and luck.  The insight is provided by market research.  And, while social media, mobile platforms, and Big Data have opened up … Continue reading

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Social Suicide?

No, this is not another commentary on the desperate publicity stunt exhibited by Miley Cyrus and the ensuing media frenzy over whether her reputation will ever recover. This reflection involves another kind of desperation: the tragic, public suicide of a … Continue reading

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Technology is a double-edged sword in the battle between busy consumers and overeager marketers who’ve spent years building their contact lists only to be sent to the trash without a second thought. For all the times you’ve begrudgingly given a … Continue reading

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Are You A “Smart” Phone User?

Like me, I’m sure you can relate to the knee-jerk reaction you experience when you realize you came just a little too close to the car in front of you…but not because you’re looking at your phone, right? If I … Continue reading

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Is Social Media taking over Social Life?

                        Recently I noticed a trend in restaurants – younger couples having dinner, not absorbed in conversation but rather by their smart phones. You can argue that they might be texting to each other, and maybe some of them are. … Continue reading

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Using Web to Earn Trust

Chris Brogan and Julien Smith open their book about Trust agents with comparing the “trust agent” to FBI agent. Agent Pistone created the character of Donnie Brasco who hung out places where the mob guys hung out; he wanted to be … Continue reading

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Laptops, pens, paper and learning all in the same room?

More than a year ago, the Washington Post reported that colleges and universities were banning laptops from their classrooms in an article titled “Wide Web of diversions gets laptops evicted from lecture halls”.  This is an interesting notion as the … Continue reading

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