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I’ll Tell You How Angry I Am in 140 Characters or Less

Over the past 2 months, Casey Anthony has become a household name while on trial for murder.  And if you were like me and hundreds of thousands of people across the country you were mesmerized by the case, convinced she … Continue reading

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Who rules the roost?

Social media is the extended hand that beckons all marketers and organizations to come along.  This is a tricky proposal and seemingly tough to convince upper management of the benefit due to the fact that there are not a lot … Continue reading

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B2C Reaps Benefits of Social

In New York, at the Association for National Advertiser’s (ANA) Digital and Social Media conference that took place this week, Adrian Parker, director of social media and digital strategy at RadioShack was a speaker talking about the case study for … Continue reading

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Great References but what about your Guanxi?

During several business trips to China, Chinese business friends have made it painfully clear that Asian business terrain is no place for an inexperienced American. As they launch into this warning, it’s commonplace to speak about the power of their … Continue reading

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ROI – The Magical Words

Everyone knows they want ROI and many have no idea how to measure it, or at least they don’t want to take the time to figure it out. Knowledge is the key, but only action gets you through the door. … Continue reading

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I’m Blogging, I’m Tweeting…..now what?

So we’ve read what is out there about blogging, we read that 77% of internet users read blogs and that companies that blog have two times the number of inbound links versus companies that don’t and best yet 58% of … Continue reading

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Who’s awesome? Your [sic] awesome.

Talking about grammar can bring chills or excitement, depending on the audience.  Where do these rules apply in the realm of social media?  I have two opinions and will take the fence-sitter role, overall.  Good grammar is important and should always … Continue reading

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Google+ has what?

I would say that Google has created the social media mothership with the best features of the current platforms now in Google+.  Does that make them a late adapter? For those whom I recently invited, below is the tour with some … Continue reading

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Is Social Media taking over Social Life?

                        Recently I noticed a trend in restaurants – younger couples having dinner, not absorbed in conversation but rather by their smart phones. You can argue that they might be texting to each other, and maybe some of them are. … Continue reading

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Using Web to Earn Trust

Chris Brogan and Julien Smith open their book about Trust agents with comparing the “trust agent” to FBI agent. Agent Pistone created the character of Donnie Brasco who hung out places where the mob guys hung out; he wanted to be … Continue reading

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