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Rocketing into the Future

Marketing communication is like a chess game, played (by the winners, at least) with a combination of insight, experience and luck.  The insight is provided by market research.  And, while social media, mobile platforms, and Big Data have opened up … Continue reading

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Classic Cookie, New Twist

The classic hydrox cookie has gotten some new life this year, thanks to the wonders of social media. While other advertisers paid millions for 30 seconds of national attention during the annual Superbowl, Oreo got all the publicity – and … Continue reading

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Social Suicide?

No, this is not another commentary on the desperate publicity stunt exhibited by Miley Cyrus and the ensuing media frenzy over whether her reputation will ever recover. This reflection involves another kind of desperation: the tragic, public suicide of a … Continue reading

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Public Relations the Game Changer

It wasn’t long ago that PR was an afterthought in the marketing mix. It was a way to get a little publicity to amplify the brand, launch a product or beat back a crisis. Today, with the rise of social … Continue reading

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Olympic Marketing Craziness

The Summer Olympics is one of the most heavily marketed events in the world every four years.  In order to sponsor the Olympics you better have some deep pockets like that of McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Procter and Gamble.  Companies like … Continue reading

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Keep your *^%$#@! mouth shut at work and online.

Have you ever cursed on the job?  In front of your boss?  To your coworkers?  Well…you should probably shut your trap.  Turns out a lot of people do and it’s not going to help with that raise.  According to a … Continue reading

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The Social Revolution

21st century has introduced dramatic changes into marketing and sales tactics. Today customers spend more time on mobile applications than on web browsers. Studies indicate that 22% of time spent on the internet is social, 24% people prefer social networks to … Continue reading

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High-Flying Communication

Long after the frustration of a delayed flight and lost baggage, we rarely forget negative experiences, all too eager to share them with others. So what can airlines do to monitor and spin less-than-favorable sentiments to their advantage? Some are using … Continue reading

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Deployed Soldier Turned Social Media Celebrity

Nine months and a deployment later, friends and family came together to help me pull off our own top secret operations in preparation for my boyfriend’s homecoming. What started as a personalized tribute soon transformed SGT Tony Fox into a … Continue reading

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Improve Employee Communication??

Internal communications in an organization are how the organization communicates with their staff. It sounds so simple, yet it is so much more than giving people an Employee Handbook on their first day of work. Internal communications are the opportunity … Continue reading

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