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Good Jobs In Marketing are Out There…

It’s great to know that in this time of higher than desired unemployment among new grads… that marketing grads who are interested in working on the social/internet side of the business have lots of opportunities. Check out this article on … Continue reading

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Who rules the roost?

Social media is the extended hand that beckons all marketers and organizations to come along.  This is a tricky proposal and seemingly tough to convince upper management of the benefit due to the fact that there are not a lot … Continue reading

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ROI – The Magical Words

Everyone knows they want ROI and many have no idea how to measure it, or at least they don’t want to take the time to figure it out. Knowledge is the key, but only action gets you through the door. … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing & New Media Class

Blogs are funny things. We love them; we hate them. We love to hear what other people think (especially when they are ranting) but we also wonder where does all the time go that we spend online doing random stuff. … Continue reading

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