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Happy customers lead to future happy customers…

An effective method of alternative marketing is called Word of Mouth (WOM).   WOM marketing can be very beneficial to a company.  One of my more popular quotes is from the Altstiel and Grow (2012) textbook, “When people are happy with … Continue reading

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A happy employee is a productive employee

              … Isn’t that the truth! Internal marketing is crucial.  If a company is not implementing this tactic they are missing out. The goal of internal marketing is to motivate all areas of a … Continue reading

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Loyalty Program Overload?

How many “frequent shopper” cards do you have in your wallet? How about punch cards for buy six items, get one free? I have to admit — I’ve reached loyalty program overload. These programs can be very important to customers, … Continue reading

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Who Are YOU Talking To?

No matter what you call them — Clients / Patients / Supporters / Alumni / Consumers or Donors — everyone has customers. Whether you’re at a corporation or non-profit, keeping your customers happy is essential. It’s not enough to know … Continue reading

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A New Pair of Sneakers

I grew up reading Ray Bradbury:  R is for Rocket, S is for Space, the Martian Chronicles.  Later, in my 20s, I discovered his fantasy:  The Illustrated Man, Something Wicked This Way Comes.  Bradbury, who died in 2012 at the … Continue reading

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It seems as if every day a new tool or application is introduced to make our lives easier or more fun. Two of my favorites tools from recent years enable even the most non-technical people to create effective visuals that … Continue reading

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When the family ISN’T helping.

President Bahar al Assad is concerned with assuring the world he takes civilian deaths very seriously, his family isn’t helping. Assad’s 11-year old son, Hafez, posted a Facebook status daring Americans to attack Syria while his wife, is counting calories. This is … Continue reading

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Public Relations the Game Changer

It wasn’t long ago that PR was an afterthought in the marketing mix. It was a way to get a little publicity to amplify the brand, launch a product or beat back a crisis. Today, with the rise of social … Continue reading

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Marketing Beyond Borders …

How critical can marketing be to international relations? Very – at least as portrayed in the film, “Argo.” In it, six Americans who fled the U.S. Embassy as militant Iranians took almost 60 others there hostage in late 1979 have … Continue reading

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Aretha Franklin Has Got It Right!

  R-E-S-P-E-C-T Most of you reading this are not Picasso, Reid or da Vinci, and I mean that with the utmost respect. As marketers, we can come up with creative ideas, but often come up short on the actual creation … Continue reading

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