Stop Wearing Our Clothes!

This week, Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” to cease wearing their brand on the show. Are we, the general public, to believe that this was a real request or just a request that coincidentally fell during the back to school shopping season AND also 2 days before their earnings were announced? Well, luckily for A&F, people saw this request alongside the publishing of their earnings. Coincidence???? I think not, neither do most.

Abercrombie claims it is because The Jersey Shore cast is harming their brand image………interesting……last year they were selling “Fituation” t-shirts. So, just 12 months before, they were selling shirts to support this man, now they want to pay him not to wear his clothes. It is hard for me to understand.

A&F have been dealing with employee lawsuits, for example, a lawsuit for requiring an employee with an aesthetic arm work in a stock room versus the store floor, minority class action law suits and job applicant law suits.  Might be good to divert the attention to these legal issues….

The advertisements parade young men, shirtless, tanned and in great shape. The stores pump cologne through the store and play extremely load music. Sounds a lot like “Jersey Shore” to me.

Let’s call it like it is, a clever way for A&F to get their name in front of people during the shopping season of ‘Back to School’.

Public Relations are key to any organization. This is a nice example of how not to be truthful in a PR stunt. The majority of the general population realize that this is just a publicity stunt for A&F. Even bad publicity is still publicity, we are all talking about it.

Well played A&F.


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  1. student says:

    I just wrote my post on this, I totally didn’t see yours! Great minds think alike.