Start with the Story

If great leaders can be identified by the quality and impact of their presentations, then great presentations must have something significant at the core. I love that this secret strength is, at heart, a compelling story.

Recently, storytelling was identified as one of the must-have leadership traits CEOs  will need to be successful in coming years. Presentation expert Nancy Duarte did us all a favor when she mapped the high-contrast story “arches” of some of contemporary history’s most memorable presentations. That revelation can enable any one of us to master the sharing of a powerful story, and therefore, craft a compelling presentation.

Reading and observing repeated concepts on skillful presentations this week motivated me to abandon almost everything I previously knew about the subject. But it is reassuring to know that I still have a shot at mastering this particular marketing skill – I just have to start with a great story.

by Rachel E. Dewey, MSMK 6

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2 Responses to Start with the Story

  1. Beth says:

    Just another example of how reading a lot and often makes you more successful. And of course, along with that, writing fiction. I think the last time I wrote fiction as part of my education was in 8th grade. After that, high school and college were all papers. We need more opportunities to practice storytelling!

    Beth C.

  2. student says:

    I agree with your blog post Rachael. Effective leadership requires strong communication skills. Using politics as an example, when president Obama ran for his first term as president he was constantly telling his story of change. Being a strong presenter he was able to tell the country his compelling story of change which contributed to him becoming our president.

    -Dan Crawford