Spin City


Last week’s session focused heavily on the role of public relations in integrated marketing.  I was surprised that even within our class the concept of “spin” had such a bad connotation.  If a PR person or marketer is being ethical, there is nothing negative or deceitful about putting spin on a story.


Is tonight’s steak dinner a sizzling cacophony of herbs and spices or is it a hunk of dead animal flesh? If you are Morrissey or other militant vegetarian it is squarely the latter. Spin is simply the interpretation of the events, people or objects.  We all do it. If you believe the steakhouse restaurant that is your clients is a fantastic dining experience then sell the sizzle. If you don’t believe it or are against their products for ethical reasons don’t take the job.


Whether you are a journalist, marketer or PR person, a communications professional is paid for their talent in adding or subtracting spin.  So get to spinning… just make sure you believe in what you spinning.



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One Response to Spin City

  1. Kevin says:

    The main reason spin is successful is due to asymmetry: The person communicating knows way more about that particular issue than the person listening. Hence, it is easy to bamboozle with exaggerations, opinions-presented-as-facts, shoddy or misinterpreted research findings, and the “as everyone knows” presentation style.

    Is this unethical? Who knows?! Is it unethical to uncritically accept statements and then act on them? Perhaps. Caveat emptor, saith the Romans. That’s all we need to remember.