SOOOOUUEEEE! : A study in stirring up Hornets

Deer Mama and Pa,

Hay Ya’ll from Arkansas!  I can’t believe how fast the yuheer is goin.  I done some classes, met a gurhl sweet as Mam mam’s cakes, and best of all have an inter-ship with the schuels football team.  I gets to be a part of the …how do they say PR team.  I think PR stands for “Pritty Cool.”  Cuz, I gets to shoot stuff at the people in the stands.  They give me this contrapshun I stik tshirts in (they is new shirts 2.  no holes or nuttin in em yet)  and then I run around shootin them shirts up in the air, just like me and my brudders do when we go huntin.  Matter fact, I did so good I made the papers. Check out the link at the end of this masage.  Remember you will have to turn the computer on to get to this electronik paper.  Ya’ll will bee so proud. Make sure you is feedin Jake.  GO RAZORBACKS!


Love Yer Boy

P.S.  I changed the ohl in the truck

Mr. Danger




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3 Responses to SOOOOUUEEEE! : A study in stirring up Hornets

  1. Rachel says:

    Dear MSMK 6 Mystery Writer: Excellent job here getting my attention, and making your point.

  2. Holly says:


  3. student says:

    So very, very proud we are.