Rebates, and Coupons, and Samples! Oh My!

This week’s reading educated us on the importance of using sales promotions in an integrated marketing campaign.  The main goal of sales promotions is to build product/service awareness through an engaging and interactive device that will result in a quick sale.

My employer, Wright Beverage [a beer wholesaler], executes sales promotions daily that is communicated in our marketing plans from the suppliers [brands].  These short term incentives can be in the form of: rebates, coupons, prizes, freebies, product samples, etc.  These promotion tactics assist in influencing consumers to purchase one of our products.  By rewarding consumers for their purchasing behavior, they are more likely to become repeat buyers.  That is what my company wants to achieve- customer loyalty with our brands.

Have you ever been persuaded to purchase a beverage based on the incentive involved?


-        Melissa Sciortino

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One Response to Rebates, and Coupons, and Samples! Oh My!

  1. Kevin says:

    I sometimes buy wine and liquor with those neck-tag coupons. I have NEVER once gotten organized enough to send all the stuff in for my money!