Publicity stunt? Or is it sincerity?

Companies are not perfect; they tend to make mistakes every once and a while. And what is there to break their fall? Social media. Now big corporations can apologize fast to any dislikes or unwanted comments from consumers as fast as these comments appear.

For example, Pepsi ran a Mountain Dew commercial, “Felicia the goat”, that was deemed as racist. As soon as Mountain Dew saw consumers were confused and displeased with this ad, they ran a Twitter apology to try and put a Band-Aid on the situation.  

Do you think this was a sincere apology? Are they just trying to get their name out there more to advertise? Are they owning up to this mistake or creating publicity?

- Jennifer Osborn

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One Response to Publicity stunt? Or is it sincerity?

  1. Kevin says:

    They are engaging in appeasement. Not really an apology – more an offering to the gods in the hopes of not incurring more of their wrath.

    Of course anyone with a brain knows the ad was in no way “racist” (except in the mind’s of the grievance mongers), but the media will amplify the voices of these petty tyrants, so the corporation feels compelled to respond.

    Did they do the correct thing? Perhaps, in the statistical sense they did. But it is craven. Neville Chamberlain is not well regarded by history.