Oh no she didn’t or oh no he didn’t?

Last week everyone was all up in arms over this whole Miley Cyrus Twerking on stage at the VMA’s. I’ll admit, it was god awful to witness but it seemed like people were talking or commenting about it everywhere I looked.

What I didn’t see were people upset with Robin Thicke. I mean this guy is 36 years old, married and has a kid, he should have known there was going to be some uproar because of his and Mileys dirty dancing. Not to mention, if I were his spouse, I’d be a little ticked that my husband is grinding up on some 20 year old pop star. Why’s she getting all the blame?

J Dixon

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3 Responses to Oh no she didn’t or oh no he didn’t?

  1. Holly says:

    I thought the same. Maybe because Cyrus was once considered a “Tween Idol?” In my opinion, just an overall desperate performance to let people know you are no longer Hannah Montana…OK, we get it!

  2. student says:

    I agree with you. But he seems to have some plausible deniability about the whole thing. All he did was stand there, and for all we know he had no idea what was happening. Also, if he had been dressed in a loincloth or some-as-such, it might have fallen more on him.

    Or maybe we just pay more attention to the sludge floating at the top of the sewar?

  3. Jessica S. says:

    I have nothing insightful to say about this, but I will say this post and its replies made me literally laugh out loud.