Mobile Websites: All the “Rage?”

As an avid technology user and smart phone addict, I am just one of the many Americans in the growing population of people who use their smart phones for, well, just about everything. In fact, there have been times when I’ve found myself at home or at the office (while sitting next to a PC) and instinctively picked up my phone to search the internet to find something on Google, visit Facebook, or access a website. With that being said, it completely makes sense to me that more and more companies have been jumping on the “mobile bandwagon” by making their own sites mobile friendly.

In my mobile Internet travels, however, I have experienced a few moments of what I like to call “Mobile Site Rage.” Mobile Site Rage (or MSR) by its simplest definition, is that moment of pure, unbridled frustration that is experienced by users who visit a website on their mobile phones, only to discover that:

a)     The site is not fully optimized for mobile use, treating the user to a bevy of overlapping .jpgs and random html text that has become “unhidden” from the tags on their site.

b)    The site is optimized but is so crammed full of rich media that the user’s overtaxed smart phone battery dies in the process of loading the page.

c)     The site is optimized and (joy!) offers several options on a clean, tidy page, but (drat!) does not offer the desired option and (gasp!) does not allow the user to optionally click to the full site to access said desired option. (I’m talking to you,

So, if you or your company is considering creating a mobile site, by all means, go for it! Mobile marketing is the new frontier, and not having a mobile-friendly website in 2012 will likely be bad for business. But please, don’t let your users fall prey to MSR – it won’t be fun for either of you.

Endnote: Interested in creating a mobile site but not sure where to start? Here’s some tips on how to make your existing desktop site more mobile-friendly by doing some basic HTML coding changes, and here are some helpful links to sites that will help you dive into creating an entirely separate mobile site for your business – enjoy!

-Stephanie G.

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