Millennial males are brand conscious, yet want to be unqiue

There is a very interesting article in AdAge that talks about millennial males and how they are brand conscious yet are rebelling against mass culture. Millennial males are very interested in what they choose to care about. They are rebelling against the culture they grew up in and are creating their own identities. They are concerned with creating a unique style for themselves and believe it brings a good impression upon them. These men are defined as 18-34 year olds who grew up in the digital age. They are not likely to discover new things, however they are spreading the word on what they are interested in and creating a buzz about it.

I found this article very interesting because I have noticed this behavior. The question is does this make it harder to market to them? Or does knowing this information create an opportunity? I personally think it creates an opportunity. Social media seems to be the way these males obtain their information. Therefore, using social media as the communication avenue and finding a way to make the content or idea of that communication unique to them, would really stand out. I struggle with the idea of them feeling unique and being brand conscious at the same time. Gucci is Gucci, if you’re wearing Gucci you’re not necessarily unique. But as marketers, we need to embrace that they are brand conscious and keep them in the mindset that they are unique, even if they aren’t.


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