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Marketers are adopting alternate methods of advertising in order to attract consumer attention. There are thousands of forms of alternative media. Guerrilla marketing, a form of alternative media uses unconventional means to promote a product, attract attention, and create memorable encounters. The unconventional and unexpected promotional solution offered by guerrilla marketing helps to extend the message through word of mouth. Here are a few guerrilla marketing campaigns that have created a memorable message.

Goodyear Blimp 

One of the most recognizable of all campaigns is that of Goodyear. Seen on television, and throughout cities across America, the Goodyear blimp is a classic conversation starter, something that begs to be pointed out to anyone you happen to be walking, driving, biking, or talking with at the time it hovers overhead. The publicity generated for the tire company by this blimp over the years is incalculable and has inspired countless ripoffs ever since.


Reynolds wrap garage door

Advertisers are known for making some pretty over-the-top claims about the products, but few pitches top the absurdity of using “heavy duty” Reynolds aluminum foil as a garage door. As the caption under the photograph states, the aluminum foil was installed in order to “demonstrate the product’s strength and toughness.” Cute advertising (and obviously effective since we’re still talking about it years later), though we question how long it would’ve withstood a serious attempt at breaking and entering.

Oscar Meyer Wiener-Mobile

Arguably the most famous in-your-face marketing campaign of all time is the Oscar Meyer wiener-mobile. Shaped as an enormous hot dog, the car makes its way across the nation, drawing attention from kids and adults alike as they watch the edible-looking vehicle lumber down the street. Entire songs have been written about the wiener-mobile, which has made appearances in TV shows and movies for decades since its launch.



Crashed Nike Ball

Some bright marketing manager at Nike knew that a huge soccer ball lodged into the side of a building would turn people’s heads. Perhaps designed to give the impression that soccer players would be infused with mind-blowing power if they used Nike balls, this is another prime example of creative marketing orchestrated in a way that appeals to the product’s very specific target audience, as well as everyone else.

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