Jimmy pulls a fast one on the news.

Late last week I viewed a viral video which at first glance looked to be real.  After showing some friends, they pointed out a few things that made me second guess the reality of the video.  The video I’m referring to is “The worst twerk fail ever.”  In the video, a young lady is dancing (horribly) to some song when out of the blue she decided to prop herself up on a door.  While dancing on the door, someone opens it sending her crashing into a coffee table where lit candles ignite her yoga pants on fire.  After viewing it a few times, it looks like the girl kind of pushes off of the door purposefully crashing into the coffee table.

Fast forward to this past Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel announces during his show that the entire video was a hoax that he uploaded to the internet about 2 months ago.  He simply put it on YouTube and just left it to see what would happen.  Well, 2 months later, it finally went viral.  News stations all across the country were airing the video thinking it was real.  When Jimmy aired his show, he played the video in its entirety where at the end, he shows up with a fire extinguisher to put the flames out.

I thought this was a hilarious and well planned out hoax that really shows the power of the internet and the gullibility of the news.  Not only was it hilarious but it was a great PR stunt from Jimmy and his show.  To have every news station in the country talking about his hoax on Tuesday morning and having him release the full video really got people talking about him and his show.

Here’s a link to the full video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjHRLM7gxjY

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One Response to Jimmy pulls a fast one on the news.

  1. Rachel says:

    Saw this one following the Miley Twerking Media circus and I actually appreciate the thoughtfulness that this comedian put into the whole thing. For one, the lines have become blurred between media and entertainment, and, speaking as a former journalist, I believe that news organizations put themselves at risk when they start reporting on social media rather than just using it as one source of potential news leads among many. No matter what the source, a news lead needs to be investigated for credibility and authenticity before it gets reported as “news.”
    I think in addition to the news media being taught a lesson about their own gullibility, it should serve as a warning to us as the audience too. I admit that I first saw the same partial “clip” of the “twerking fail” and only thought it ended abruptly. I didn’t bother to look for clues it might be staged. While I have started putting some Facebook posts into Snopes.com to see if it’s an online hoax, I don’t know what the Snopes equivalent is for YouTube and other online videos.