It’s finally clean! Only took 3 years.

In class last night we all presented on different publics. The presentations were interesting but what I found most interesting was that multiple groups used BP as an example. One group noted BP as having some good PR in their efforts in rebuilding and improving the Gulf which they destroyed. The other group presented BP as having one of the largest PR breakdowns of all time. I sided with the latter. I don’t think BP handled the oil spill in a positive light. Even their CEO made comments that seemed as if he didn’t even care. He said something along the lines of, “I want to get back to my own life too.” Really? I’m sure the thousands of people who are cleaning up your mess and the hundreds of businesses that took a huge hit because of the downturn in tourism would like to get back to their own lives too.

J. Dixon

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4 Responses to It’s finally clean! Only took 3 years.

  1. Jay says:

    As I watch a favorite fishing show or three on the outdoor channel, I cannot help but notice the amount of time the programs dedicate to being “watchdogs” on BP’s and the Gulf’s healing process. Not a week passes without some sort of update on the clean up process or the recovery of the shrimping and fishing industry. As a self-proclaimed patriot, I make every effort to support the Gulf coast when possible. #bubbagump.

  2. Rachel says:

    Is it really clean already? After hearing all the clamor how awful it was (and/or continues to be as the cleanup continues) can we even trust that any one business or entity is even qualified to pronounce it as totally, completely, entirely clean?
    Is it wrong that I still carry a healthy suspicion about this case in particular?

  3. Beth says:

    I’ve been watching them try to clean up the Costa Concordia disaster – they still haven’t moved that ship. I am interested mostly from the incredible feat of engineering they are attempting in its removal, but could be interesting for someone to do a compare/contrast between the handling of that disaster vs. BP.


  4. student says:

    According to Wikipedia, the Deepwater spill released 4.9 million barrels over the 87 days (1/4 year) it was active. Wikipedia also says that the natural seepage in the gulf is 1-5 million barrels per year. So the spill was adding oil to the gulf at a rate that was 4 – 20 times above background. Lots of oil, but not a planetary catastrophe. The gulf can, and has, absorbed and broken down the oil.

    The real issue is how much reached the coast, and how did it affect off-shore fisheries. I don’t know. However, 12 countries sent state of the art (better than our own) oil containment and cleanup vessels, and the EPA/Interior department would not let them help. Why? If we could have prevented contamination of the shore, why did we deliberately not do so?