Is your Data Safe in the Cloud? @davidawolf

    Any discussion about putting your business in the cloud will always end up in a debate about how safe your  information is.  It seems like daily you read about another bank, company or credit card processor who had customer information stolen.  If huge companies cannot protect consumer information, what chances do the rest of us have?  When asked why he robbed banks,  John Dillinger said, “because that’s where the money is…” Organized crime and criminals in foreign countries can attack us via the Internet without ever stepping on American soil.  So, why wouldn’t they focus on where the money is?  We have made it easy for criminals because we are sloppy.  We give perfect strangers personal information over the phone or worse over the Internet.  Why are we so gullible?
    Our banking network in the US is a closed, private cloud and has never been compromised.  Wall street and other exchanges are also closed, private clouds.  The common thread here is, when your network is accessible from the public network you will have exposure.  The good news is most small businesses have nothing of value in digital form to be stolen.  Keep your company network private and properly firewalled.  You are only as secure as your password so make it difficult and change it frequently.  If you have to use a credit card for Internet purchases, look into a service like Paypal or Google checkout to keep your credit card info secure and encrypted.  Monitor you credit card account online.  Every year or two report your card missing and get a new one.  That way anyone who improperly stored your information will have out of date records rendering it useless.
   Have your company network checked by having a security audit performed by a certified professional.  You wouldn’t go to an doctor who wasn’t licensed.   As always, email me with any questions.  David.

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  1. David, great idea about the credit card. Good post. Thoughtful and clear. thanks.