Is Social Media taking over Social Life?


Recently I noticed a trend in restaurants – younger couples having dinner, not absorbed in conversation but rather by their smart phones. You can argue that they might be texting to each other, and maybe some of them are. Is Social Media replacing the Social Life? Is Facebook replacing the old fashioned backyard barbeque parties? Is Twitter replacing casual gatherings at cocktail hour? Are LinkedIn and Webinars replacing the old fashioned meetings and interviews? You might say that this a ridiculous thought. But is it? Think of the communication methods and devices available 20 years ago versus today. In past we used to write letters and send these in mail. Last week I found a handwritten cover letter from the 1990 sales file. When was the last time you sent a hand written correspondence to your customer?

Today, company websites are taking over the functionality of a salesman. A perfect website will attract the prospects with updated blog contents, webinars and technical papers. Prospects then will be converted into the sales leads through well designed landing pages. What about 20 years from now? Advanced technology with artificial intelligence will recognize the need, prepare the sales proposal, and convert it into the order. The mainstream of business people (today’s teenagers) won’t appreciate the personal phone calls or traveling to personal meetings, these take too much of their valuable time. Can we as marketers keep up with these changes? Or will we be replaced by an intelligent machine? What do you think?
- Kristel 

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One Response to Is Social Media taking over Social Life?

  1. Stephanie G. says:

    I absolutely agree with the notion that the personal phone calls and face-to-face meetings of today’s business world will probably fall by the wayside as social media continues to gain more ground in our culture. But I also think that it’s not so much that humans are being “replaced” by machines – I think that social media just gives us a new way to connect. At the other end of that tweet, Facebook post, or text message is still the person who’s putting their message out there. So, I think we marketers can rest assured that the takeover by intelligent machines won’t be happening any time too soon!