Internet Marketing & New Media Class

Blogs are funny things. We love them; we hate them. We love to hear what other people think (especially when they are ranting) but we also wonder where does all the time go that we spend online doing random stuff.

The purpose of this blog is for graduate learners to share key learnings from their programs. Maybe it’s an article that you read that you want to share. Maybe it’s a photo that you took and it reminds you of a priniciple or idea you learned in class.

The point is to share what you’re thinking about marketing, internet marketing, social media, MROI (marketing return on investment), connectivity, collaboration and on and on.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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One Response to Internet Marketing & New Media Class

  1. Deborah Mourey says:

    Internet marketing is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up. Reading blogs is one way to get technology “interpreted” for us so we can determine what will help us grow our businesses.