Have Our Cake and Eat It Too

Week four our Integrated Marketing class brought a distinguished guest speaker: Chris Veronda, Manager of Corporate Communications at Eastman Kodak.  Veronda, is one of the most seasoned speakers we’ve had in any of our graduate classes and has dealt with all manner of marketing and communications issues during his tenure at Kodak.  His insight into the corporate strategy for handling the crisis management and investor relations was valuable, practical advice balancing all the theory we’ve been mastering with our books.

Interspersed with Veronda’s stories from the frontlines, were unique insights into life at the global brand.  One story led to his description of the closely guarded Kodak secret for the world’s best carrot cake.  This legendary carrot cake has been famous among Kodak staff for decades and was touted by Veronda as must have to any bucket list of experiences.

Unbeknownst to the class, Veronda arraigned to have one of the legendary carrot cakes sent to our next class.  Not only was it a great surprise and delicious cake, it helped us instantly recall all the stories he has shared with us.  What a classy move, what a great cake and what PR pro.  Veronda’s act of kindness has inspired me to find similar calling cards that can be shared with customers in the future.  It is great way to reinforce messaging and encourage recall your company’s brand and even it’s values.  The cake reminded me of the legendary care Kodak has lavished on its employees in the past and the quality of people they have strived to employ.

J. Saenz

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