Happy customers lead to future happy customers…

An effective method of alternative marketing is called Word of Mouth (WOM).   WOM marketing can be very beneficial to a company.  One of my more popular quotes is from the Altstiel and Grow (2012) textbook, “When people are happy with a product or service they each tell three people.  When they’re unhappy they tell eleven”.

There is strong truth to that statement as we have at least once in our life, acted on that philosophy.  To prevent this theory from happening to your company, I suggest three tactics that should be executed with Word of Mouth marketing.

(1)   Be Honest and Engaging

-        If a current client trusts your brand enough to refer a colleague, then that referred company must provide trustworthy service to both parties.  The more engaging your message is, the more memorable your company becomes.

(2)   Know your Target Audience

-        Take the time to learn your prospects.  This cannot be stressed enough.  The more you understand your potential clientele and what triggers their purchases, the higher success you will have at intercepting their buying behavior.

(3)   Build an Online Community

-        By creating a community, a company will develop a close-knit of followers.  These followers are likely to become brand advocates from being loyal customers and will help promote the brand through WOM.

Who has an experience they would like to share about being unhappy with a product/service?  Did you tell your friends/colleagues?

-M. Sciortino

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