Google+ has what?

I would say that Google has created the social media mothership with the best features of the current platforms now in Google+.  Does that make them a late adapter? For those whom I recently invited, below is the tour with some references to our social media comfort zones.

  • Circles enable you to select the group that can view a message. You can maintain your professional relationships and not burden them with dining and dog photos, yet still see the newborn updates from friends (LinkedIn + Facebook). Advice from the web-world: maintain a small number of circles at first.
  • Hangouts are the Skype-like, video chat feature.
  • As soon as Google has a dinner meeting with Apple (hopefully somewhere nice, they deserve it), I look forward to the option of the instant photo uploads with an app in the App Store.
  • Sparks let Google+ have keyword content waiting for you (StumbleUpon).
  • Huddles, a.k.a. group chat, may be useful but I am surprised that this is one of the top five features. However, I will admit that what I disregard at first, I end up loving the most.
  • The +1 sharing feature adds additional value across the Google platform by enabling easy content sharing and endorsement.  This is Google’s own share button that I am guessing we will see everywhere.
  • Pressing j or k lets you jump up and down each post.
  • To direct message a person, simply select the person and post to your stream (only they can see it).
  • Want your own vanity URL? will make it for you.
  • Advice from the web-world: find some people to follow and see what they are doing, and who they follow (Twitter).
  • Lastly, Deb Mourey must love the blog-style feeds and Google’s apparent promotion of the blog channel and content medium.

Based on the fact that I have no interest in turning this list into an official class post for a grade, the extra 100 words and my refusal to cut any, please love it, and keep it, in hopes of persuading you to join a circle of mine on Google+.  From your geeky in a good way friend, Kelly (

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3 Responses to Google+ has what?

  1. Courtney says:

    Great overview of Google+ features! I just joined (courtesy of Kelly Mueller) and was immediately overwhelmed, but I was able to learn how to navigate through the best rated benefits from someone who is much more technologically savvy than myself.

  2. Stephanie C. says:

    I’ll admit that upon receiving the invite to Google+, I was both enthusiastic and a little gun-shy given the idea of taking on yet another social media platform. Thanks to you Kelly, I am now confident that I will not only be able to use these top features effectively, but will likely end up an avid Google+ fan. What does this mean for other prominent platforms?

  3. Jackie says:

    I am hoping that Kelly will be able to give us a tutorial on all of this. I need to be shown what to do, not how it works, just how to do it. Kel?