Fly for free with United Airlines

United Airlines generated a lot of publicity because of a human error that gave an undisclosed amount of customer’s free flights Thursday afternoon. United quickly went into crisis management when they discovered the problem and shutdown their website at 2:45 PM Thursday afternoon.  United had a big decision to make on how to handle the situation. Dishonoring the tickets would almost certainly cause a public outrage that would reflect negatively on the company. On Friday afternoon United addressed the issue by tweeting “we’ve reviewed the error that occurred yesterday and based on these specific circumstances, we will honor the tickets”. I believe that United made the right decision by honoring the tickets. The company received national news coverage because of the error. Do you agree with United’s decision to honor the free tickets?

- Dan C

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One Response to Fly for free with United Airlines

  1. Kevin says:

    I think United made the right decision to honor the tickets.

    I would hope that at least some of the recipients also made the right decision NOT to use the tickets!