Employees & Social Media

Social media has given a voice to employees all over the world. If an employee does not like the working conditions they are exposed to every time they have to go to work, they can say/post/tweet/etc how they feel. This can make or break a business.

Recently, a Golden Corral employee placed a video on Reddit that depicted the disgusting conditions the food and the employees have to deal with. This is now viral and cannot be good for the reputation of this American family-style chain restaurant.

I am interested to see what employees will do with social media now that it has created am open forum to discuss their work atmosphere. Would you ever create a video or place an image online if you were upset with where you worked?

- Jennifer Osborn

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3 Responses to Employees & Social Media

  1. Jay says:

    I have seen many Golden Corral’s while living in the South. The restaurants are busy from open until close. The one, in Henrietta, is no different. I do not know how such a place can keep up with the gluttony. Driving bye, one can see the overflow of people spilling onto the walkway and into the parking lot. Truthfully, many of the patrons spend too much time at such establishments.
    I managed a small restaurant for almost seven years. We, too, had lunch and dinner rushes that lasted hours. It was never easy to keep up with high volumes of people, with limited time, while trying to maintain a high quality product. A nonnegotiable set of procedures and policies, put into place for all employees, a set of customer expectations, and a little creative copy warning of possible “busy” times, made for a logical and manageable restaurant. If Golden Corral and this group of employees is so overwhelmed, they should have shown a little loyalty to the company first. I am sure Golden Corral would have liked a chance to address the problem through the District or Regional Manager before it got to this point. #employeeloyaltyisgood

    • Jill K. says:

      I wouldn’t ever post something about my employer that is negative. I agree with Jay that this type of “public venting” is rarely productive and it could have been an opportunity for this employee to show positive initiative and share this video with a regional manager. It is likely that the result would be that management would make some needed adjustments.

      Another note — many corporations have policies about social media, so if an employee at another company were to post a video — it could result in that employee being fired.

  2. student says:

    I’ve never been to a Golden Corral. But they have that chocolate fountain, and I believe that, because they do, much is forgiven.