Did you practice your design today?

I have always loved design. I may have been the only kid really excited to have at their corrugated tri-fold science fair display. While I recognize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm, I do believe that anyone can improve their design skills. As an interior designer, I often hear from people “Oh, I don’t have any talent for that” or “You’re so lucky you can visualize that.” While talent does play some role, the way you become a skilled designer is not that different from anything else: education, training and practice. You can learn to draw (which is actually better termed “learn to see”) just like you would learn math or science. So get some paints and challenge yourself to mix colors you see in a magazine, pull some graphic design books at Barnes and Noble, and use Wix.com to practice making a free website. Force yourself to come up with at least three designs before settling on one. Practice, practice, practice.

Beth C.

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One Response to Did you practice your design today?

  1. student says:

    I like the rule of three and plan to try that next time! I have come to realize that my first design (often a presentation slide) is not going to be the one I end up using, or should be using. Starting with three from the get-go might also help the final design reach its full potential. MD