Deployed Soldier Turned Social Media Celebrity

Nine months and a deployment later, friends and family came together to help me pull off our own top secret operations in preparation for my boyfriend’s homecoming. What started as a personalized tribute soon transformed SGT Tony Fox into a social media celebrity – and he doesn’t even know it yet!

Loyal friend and social media enthusiast Randy Johnson utilized Twitter, tapping into national sentiment on a level he never expected – exposure to 18,199,953 people – to be exact. Here he describes the experience:

Why did you choose social media as the outlet for your personal contribution?

“Social media has made professional athletes and celebrities more accessible than ever. I chose Twitter because it seems to be the preferred social media outlet for athletes/celebrities to interact with each other and a great deal of their fans. A retweet or mention by an athlete or celebrity is like the ‘autograph 2.0′, especially if you can get someone to personalize their message.”

How do you feel about the process and outcome?

“I’m absolutely thrilled with the overall support I received for Tony with messages thanking him for his service and welcoming him home. I’ll admit this 7-day project spun out of control rather quickly, to the point where I actually had a hard time keeping up with the tweets and retweets coming in. I never imagined I’d have a list of 88 athletes/celebrities from all over the world by the time all was said and done. I couldn’t be happier with the result and the huge response I received from the “twittiverse”. I can’t wait for Tony to get back and see the overwhelming support that too few soldiers receive.”

Maybe you Tweet, maybe not, but I encourage you to view Randy’s Twitter Tribute in its entirety and challenge you to utilize social media in an unexpected way – what do you have to lose?

-Stephanie C.


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2 Responses to Deployed Soldier Turned Social Media Celebrity

  1. Jackie says:

    Stephanie, this example is amazing! I can’t wait to hear about Tony’s reaction to all of this. Another example of thinking outside the box proves how effective social media really can be. Thank you for sharing!

  2. student says:

    Hi Stephanie, thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading through the PDF. One of the most amazing things is this was started by @RandyJ_ who has a modest following on twitter? Did he accompany this with an email campaign as well? Interested to see how you both made this happen.