Dark Chocolate

Blogging is bittersweet. I find it hard to come up with blog content that is relevant, original, and interesting.  Originally, I wrote nearly three very academic pages on the ethics of ghost blogging by corporations.  Is it an ethical practice…is it not…why or why not…blah blah blah?   It is solid work, but I drift back to our discussion in 570 about original versus creative content.  Looking at the essay, it really is not original or all that creative.  I can go one of three ways… Yes, no, or I don’t care.  All of which have been written about and supported numerous times over.  What would I be adding?  Nothing new, nothing original.  Finding relevant, original, and interesting content is proving to be a great challenge 580.  But, I find myself more in-tune with the marketing world through blogs than the one page article reviews we did in previous classes.  Blogging, during the past two modules, has become a good habit. I hope our Cohort is required to continue this best practice.  It one of our best intra-communication devices.

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