Clay Mathews Bad Publicity?

Clay Mathews, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL created a lot of buzz throughout the league when he announced days before the season opener against the San Francisco 49ers that he was going to hit the QB. This infuriated 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh as one of the Packs best defensive players was targeting his young QB Colin Kapernick. Clay Mathews lived up to his word and hit Kaperncick, however it was just a little too late as Kapernick had already ran out of bounce. This created a huge skirmish between the teams because of the comments Mathews had made prior to the game. Both teams where accessed penalties as a result, Mathews for the late hit and the 49ers for unsportsmanlike-conduct. The next play Kapernick responded by throwing a touchdown pass. The 49ers ending up winning the game 34-28. Mathews comments have sparked a debate on the legality of hits on the QB. Did Clay Mathews publicity end up costing the Packers the game?

-Dan C

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