Classic Cookie, New Twist

The classic hydrox cookie has gotten some new life this year, thanks to the wonders of social media.

While other advertisers paid millions for 30 seconds of national attention during the annual Superbowl, Oreo got all the publicity – and didn’t pay a dime — for this now-famous tweet during the infamous Superbowl blackout.

Capitalizing on all the great PR coming off that, Oreo scored again with an Instagram campaign that invited folks to share pics of the fave parts of their Oreos. Out of 46,000 submissions with special hashtags, Oreo was inspired to craft 148 cookie sculptures, photograph ‘em and post ‘em up inside of three days. Which caused the brand to spike from 2,200 followers on Instagram to 85,000. (I’d call that a social media touchdown – wouldn’t you?)

The momentum appears to have been sustained in the “Oreo Moments” gallery hosted on their website. There’s also fun li’l videos framed around an “I wonder if …” theme, and apps you can download. Not to mention recipes – yum!

Who knows what new twist they’ll plan next to generate even more PR, but apparently, digital marketing is not all that new to the 100-year-old brand: they did a 100 days of Oreos campaign a year before the Superbowl tweet, something akin to the Google Doodle art – only made out of the world’s most famous cookies.

Hungry yet?

~ Rachel E. Dewey

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3 Responses to Classic Cookie, New Twist

  1. student says:

    This is so cool! I love Oreos :) and this just shows the power of social media. – Jen O.

  2. student says:

    “Who knows what new twist they’ll plan next ”

    Groan. It was all going so well until I hit that sentence. :)


  3. student says:

    This is a great example of social media engagement. It is astonishing to me that Oreo was able to increase it’s followers on instagram from 2,200 to 85,000 in just three days.