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Marketing Beyond Borders …

How critical can marketing be to international relations? Very – at least as portrayed in the film, “Argo.” In it, six Americans who fled the U.S. Embassy as militant Iranians took almost 60 others there hostage in late 1979 have … Continue reading

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Start with the Story

If great leaders can be identified by the quality and impact of their presentations, then great presentations must have something significant at the core. I love that this secret strength is, at heart, a compelling story. Recently, storytelling was identified … Continue reading

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How to not sound like an idiot…

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation or a presentation and you just can’t remember how to pronounce something? I have…. and it’s not a pretty sight or sound. Delivering a great presentation takes more than conducting … Continue reading

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Think First!

How many times have you started putting together a presentation with opening the powerpoint application? I have done it more times than I would like to admit. Intuitively I know that the majority of my presentations have not been very … Continue reading

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